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15 Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

15 Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

15 Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography: Tips for traveling photographers to have a better experience.

Photography and traveling go hand in hand. Travelers like to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the places they visit and photographers like to make their photographs look as beautiful as possible. To help travel photographers take better photos and to help those who want to start taking travel photos, we have compiled a list of tips for travelling photographers

10 Tips for traveling photographers

  • Research Your Destination
  • Use The Instagram Community
  • Prepare Your Camera
  • Rethink The Cliché Shots
  • Shoot Portraits Of Local People
  • Use A Traveling Companion/Yourself As The Subject
  • Capture Small Details
  • Tell A Story With Your Photos
  • Document Your Entire Journey
  • Fill Your Camera Roll

What are the top destinations for travel photographers in India?

  • Varanasi
  • Rajasthan
  • Old Delhi
  • Leh & Ladakh
  • Khajuraho – Madhya Pradesh
  • Hampi
  • Golden Temple – Amritsar
  • Caves of Maharashtra
  • Kerala
  • Kolkata

How to take professional travel photos using smartphone?

  • Wipe the lens
  • Tap the screen to focus
  • Long press and swipe the screen
  • Capture the photo using the volume button
  • Hold shutter button to capture a burst of images
  • Use panoramic mode
  • Take a wide-angle lens with you
  • Turn on the grid lines
  • Turn HDR on Auto
  • Blur the background
  • Use Live Photos on the iPhone
  • Full manual control of your camera
  • Don’t use the digital zoom
  • Don’t use the flash – ever
  • Stabilise the smartphone
  • Take a portable battery pack
  • RAW versus JPEG
  • Be safe
  • Capture something unique
  • Candid Versus Posed
  • Photos of people
  • Photo of strangers
  • Include a sign
  • Get there early
  • Get there late
  • Include people in the landmark photos
  • Copy what others are capturing!
  • Walk around, before pulling out your smartphone for photography
  • Capture a variety of photos
  • Look for reflections
  • Look for small details
  • Lighting and time of day
  • Simple photo editing using free Snapseed app
  • More advanced photo editing
  • Take video
  • Use a video replacement app
  • Back-up your photos on the cloud.
  • Back-up your photos without WIFI
  • Have fun

5 reasons why you should travel instead of sitting at your desk.

  • Travel Makes You Happier
  • Travel Lets You Disconnect & Recharge
  • Traveling Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Travel Exposes You to New Things
  • Travel Exposes Others to New Things
  • Travel Makes You Physically Healthier
  • Traveling Can Boost Your Creativity

Conclusion: When you travel, it is the moments, the places, the people you meet, the food you eat, the scenery you see, the people you get to see again, that are paramount. Along with all that, there are the photographs. Photographs will be your reminders that travel is about the people you get to share your experiences with, not just the travel bang you get out of it. You are not always ready for that once in a lifetime shot, but with these tips you are more likely to get it.

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